Giulietta Masina at the Oscars Crying

by bob wiseman

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Giulietta Masina At the Oscars crying For her man And the recognition No pension plans Life mission Giulietta Masina At the Oscars crying Played the part Of a prostitute Who would not lose her heart Let men lie and loot Asa Nisi Masa Giulietta Masina At the Oscars crying 1 baby dead 3 gravesites 2 artists wed 4 stage fright 5 clowns 6 photographs 7 towns 8 and 1/2
I always knew that I had nothing in common with Sky Gilbert I always knew that I had nothing in common with Sky Gilbert When my performance art girlfriend Wrote a play in the 80s That made no sense at all She asked me to act in it I said yes because I knew No one in their right mind would produce it But then Sky and his friends unanimously agreed To put it on at the Rhubard festival I always knew that I had nothing in common with Sky Gilbert I always knew that I had nothing in common with that guy But then I saw him standing at the podium At your memorial And he said everything I felt inside He said everything that I thought about you and He made me cry that guy Now I stand corrected I have something in common now with Sky Gilbert …the love of you
I was born in Poland I died in Canada Shot 5 times by 4 men Who then kicked me in the back To make sure I was cracked wide open People tried to tell them I didn’t speak English People tried to tell them I wasn’t stoned I was unarmed and alone Took them almost 5 seconds To in their expert opinion decide to fire They found themselves not guilty Of telling any lies Found themselves not guilty In their own eyes Found themselves not guilty…..surprise
People want their picture taken with you Secretly afraid that their hairdo will be wrong A man needs a song Tens of thousands you inspire With your harmonica wet And your ballpoint on fire Your life has been no joke Everybody come round take note Tonight they will honour Your fame They’ll engrave on a little plaque your name And then you’ll give an acceptance speech And everyone in this room will Stand on their feet Tell them about your 20’s Leaving Canada Mr. shaky pictures moved to California Where he sold his songs For the highest bid But that’s just one little part in this long film you’ve lived Other artists just as lucky as you But they just took their multi millions And enjoyed the view Woke up every morning to smell their gold But you are a miner For the Art of Old You’ve run bases around kings and fools And built places like the Bridge school Unafraid to point Your finger in song Enemies made out of lovers of bombs They say you collect model trains An interesting fact about your brain I guess studying the miniature Gives you insight into the bigger picture Tonight when you lay down your head In some overpriced fancy hotel bed Remember if you die you leave behind More than a legacy of rhyme
Bo Diddley got himself a right wing man But that right wing man was just too frightening So Bo Diddley got himself a publicist Said “hit me with your best media list” …..I want a hit (again) She said you need Yo Yo Ma And the national arts orchestra & get some pictures with kids at the zoo & honey while you’re at it get new eye-glass frames too … I wanna a hit (again) And quickly Bo Diddley saw public opinion bend Then in the middle of this blizzard With two platinum shovels stood Little Richard His snowshoes had rhinestone traction In his blog he wrote “I want a piece of the action” … I wanna hit (again) What’s it gonna cost me to get this fixed? I wanna see all of your expert lobbying tricks You know I’ve got a little reputation I could keep on knocking ‘till you let me in …I want a hit (again) Mr. Tutti Fruitti saw public opinion bend And quickly Little Ritchie was earning dividends again For sale is every fool, that’s an old business rule An oil economy still pollutes Will Paul Schuck’s children all get duped? Payola’s alive and well Heads of state appreciate the smell …Who got a hit (again)?
Napoleon sent His army across the ocean And threatened all the free slaves With wine That they would never drink And forced them into contracts Worth 90 million gold bars at prime Came a man named Jean-Bertrand Now Haiti's in arrears Nearly 200 years And the French are getting fat still from the deal Also unsavoury The sweatshop industry That profiting Americans conceal Came a man named Jean-Bertrand Aristide said no longer can they bleed Democratically inspected Three times re-elected He said the poor deserve their dignity Put slum children in school Set up health care tools He did the math on Haiti's history The puppet turned around And faced the puppeteer You owe me lost wages Am I being clear? Came a man, named Jean-Bertand Aristide said no longer can they bleed "reverse this curse" that was his plea Now shocked and afraid The French and USA And even their Canadian friends He's removed from power It's kidnapping hour Because he said This extortion must end
They passed a law last week scientists cannot speak Gag order they want every tape-recorder They want to control the blues restrict access to news Shamelessly they grin there will be no facts without spin They're tough on crime that's right They own a patent on that sound-bite Their grand plan unveiled build more jails They want to control the blues restrict access to news Shamelessly they grin there will be no facts without spin It is in vogue to spin in the era we are in But once upon a time people had a dime Nobody would think it was a crime when a poor person dared To ask you to share because life is unfair But the era we are in it is in vogue to spin Put the truth in a box and do not let it talk And expand the wars and the military bets And limit the questions the media gets How many lies can you bake in this pie And pretend that you are friends with the little big guy It is a mystery book the way you look knight to queens rook They are ok with foul play every little G20 cop got paid But what's especially perverse is that this all feels rehearsed They want to control the blues restrict access to news Shamelessly they grin there will be no facts without spin We didn't vote so You could make a joke out Of people that are broke
She got caught trying to hide When they asked her why ...she lied Cause it’s just so easy to point Than go to the joint Who cares if strange fruit hangs in trees Who cares if 6 out of 7 lawyers agree I care about the entire Jackson County Who waits for Ruby Bates They feed it to the young The morning opinion by evening is a gun How many balls will you break How many tragedies will it take To stay awake Isnt it true the rain comes again Dont it make things wet How many times will the thunder whine Before man admits he forgets I heard about an accident on the highway the other day Broken and bleeding in the car the hospitals not far Behind the eyes of the ambulance man Her black head is better dead or buried off the land What kind of poison has infiltrated the brain When a man believes another is not the same I am in love with Ruby Bates because nobody waits for Ruby Bates
I have some paints, some memories, on canvass I will try Green jeep. Pink gum. Black hair in your eyes In this portrait closet is closed youre inside Three cars of cops screech to a stop Break down your front door take your laptop FAT MAN SHUT UP cuff you on the floor In this portrait closet is closed youre inside We are the campers of B.B. you hear so much about There was a spell I was not so well Your timing was uncanny Private jokes, lines of coke, is he rich like Mannie? In this portrait closet is closed you’re inside In this portrait everyone laughs look he’s so wide Some secrets go to the grave some secrets free puppets Now your dead I’m not afraid of memoirs public In this portrait closet is closed you’re inside In this portrait Rob Noyes lives, you die I always want to repay you It’s awful For being there at the airport or hospital


released January 24, 2013


all rights reserved



bob wiseman Toronto, Ontario

A long time representative of Beta Keratin Bob Wiseman contains vitamin A and can help your eyes, teeth, hair, and bones. Only then you can fight astygmatism and tooth decay together. Other music offers you no such protection from the wiles of UV rays! Consider this music and prevent preventable signs of aging. Give your hair a sheen and bounce that sadly is lacking from most modern musical acts. ... more

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