Accidentally Acquired Beliefs

by bob wiseman

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released January 1, 1995



all rights reserved


bob wiseman Toronto, Ontario

A long time representative of Beta Keratin Bob Wiseman contains vitamin A and can help your eyes, teeth, hair, and bones. Only then you can fight astygmatism and tooth decay together. Other music offers you no such protection from the wiles of UV rays! Consider this music and prevent preventable signs of aging. Give your hair a sheen and bounce that sadly is lacking from most modern musical acts. ... more

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Track Name: william wake up
how does his body
manage still to stand
20 years of hash
and vodka in the man
william wake up
william stop

i was your fiend
i tried to say
you got to stop
or else one day
i'm going to get the news
on my telephone
jail's going to be
your new home

you don't understand
my feet are in cement
you don't understand
i can't walk your kind of mile
this life it ain't a life
this smile ain't a smile

from your bed
in the hospital
i will come and visit you
oh it makes me sad
to watch you sink
but a friends' a fiend
don't you think?
Track Name: 10,000 miles
oh take a ride on my rocket ship
look at your problems now
once so big now so small
and the world still turns somehow
at a thousand miles from your loneliest smile
you can’t even tell it’s there
maybe you will maybe you won’t even care

because from 10,000 miles, up in the sky
it don’t matter you don’t have to cry

let’s walk through this restless town
see that group of boys
they pimp and push their way around
they got switchblades for toys
and though they believe that they’re so big
you know I would love to see their eyes
from inside my rocket ship where they would have to realize

because from 10,000 miles, up in the sky
it don’t matter you don’t have to cry

when the gravity of the situation is all that’s holding you down
we’ll climb into my rocket ship and we’ll have a look around
Track Name: question of love
you tell lies
but everybody thinks you're telling the truth
i got wise a while ago about the things you do
i'm not going to be fooled anymore

i heard you talking to everybody about what
what you said you had done
i had to laugh i was the only one
who was not going to be fooled anymore

you get your picture in
the workers daily
you own apartment blocks
and raise rents high
you wear a wedding ring
but screw groupies

you build ships
but i watch them on the water quickly tip
how many times are you going to tell me
that i'm outta my mind
Track Name: stay untraceable
My babe’s smart my babe’s kind
She works hard She don’t mind
She wants to travel far
With her man in a car
And go far away stay untraceable

When my day is done she’s the only one
That I want to run away with

She knows zeus and mother goose
She reports above a roof
Under the stars behind the clouds
Thunder is her boss And he’s so loud
She wants to go far away
Stay untraceable

I hope she knows I won’t go
I’ll be there with grey hair
And a pair of scissors sharp
cutting down the telephones that grow in our park
She wants to stay far away
Stay untraceable
Track Name: ring ring ring
There’s a ring ring ring on your telephone
Up in the sky the moon is shining bright
Who could it be in the middle of the night?

You got a spell on me all I want to be is with you
Got a spell on me makes me weak in the knee over you
I’m not happy until you are here
If you’d be my dream I could sleep a thousand years

And your eyes they’re on fire they tell me go! go! go! go!
But the ring on your finger tells me no! no! no! no!
Track Name: new city
lets build a new city
without locks on the doors
where war means less
and people more

who can build this city
who can lend their hand?
who can build this city
who can understand?

let there be no flags
to make us pretend
that we are different
than the other men

let us not eat animals
let the animals hear
that the smell of human
they need not fear
Track Name: could it be said
i'm waiting for you
to turn into
how could this man
possibly be you
could it be said
lie to my face
time has been kind invited my mind
the party is all night
i can't resist this fight

(heaven...would be the world with you....)

he automatic
simply zombie can't see
he's just a soldier
just a slave man a critical bee
oh this moron will not be gone
Track Name: lisa run with Daniel Lanois
lisa run far away
what you're not is what they say
keep in your heart mighty songs
right you are that somethings' wrong

no one will help until
it's too late run don't wait

no one hears you cry at night
over senseless endless fights
die you of the overdose
die you of the without hope

all the staff talk about
collectively shout
at the son to leave you be
at the wind to set you free
Track Name: row the boat
i row the boat
i make the captain famous
he says he's gonna pay me
when he gets back from vegas
i know the shortcuts
'the captain knows i know the shortcuts
but when i open my mouth
captain tells me to shut up
tv crews waiting
waiting at the dock
to see the famous captain
and hear his famous talk
all about the shortcuts
that he says he knows
all about the speed
that the boat does row
but i row the boat
i rope the boat
i break my back
for the dollar bill note
why do i row the boat
is the dollar bill note
worth cutting your own throat
no the dollar bill note
ain't worth cutting your own throat
Track Name: all i want is two
I want to be the man you crave
At night when you’re all alone
Inside your room
I want to be the one
To take you to the country
And kiss beneath the moon
All I want is two

My love is not made of the seasons
My love won’t change
You can start a fire with just
The twinkle in your eye
Or you can build a home so good
All I want is two

I’ve been waiting to sing this song
For what feels like forever don’t you want to sing
It with me…don’t you want to sing?